Success Stories


PnuVax hires TEAM students for the 8th consecutive year! 
(posted: September, 2016) 
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Ethermic Technologies hired 
TEAM students  to analyze opportunities for 

new technologies in the Oil & Gas industry

(posted: June, 2016) 
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BASF reports a great success working with 
the TEAM  to 
define formulation space and 
explore  market for a new technology

(posted: May, 2016)
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Borealis Geopower hired TEAM students  
to explore applications for heat from water

producing oil wells.
(posted: May, 2016)
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Clients Report an average of $46,000 in value
generated per project, totaling $928,000 of value
across the program in 2013.

(posted: May, 2013)



> TEAM students present their findings at WEAO Queen's Water Environment Conference 2016 on "Plastic Microbeads in Municipal Wastewater" (posted: March, 2016)

> RBC Blue Water Initiative is supporting TEAM, helping to execute projects related to the access to drinkable, swimmable, fishable water, now and for future generations. (posted: September, 2015)

>TEAM students present "CO2 Utilization through Algae Production" feasibility study at the Charrette and Annual Meeting of the Board of Directors & Advisors of the Ontario East Wood Centre(posted: May, 2015) 

> Magna International joins with Shell Canada as co-lead supporters of TEAM.
(posted: September, 2013)

> Perpetual Energy Vehicle Fleet Conversion to Natural Gas - Summary of Recommendations
(posted: May, 2011)

> TEAM is featured in the Brockville Recorder and Times for Economic Development
(posted: December, 2011)