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Past Industry Partners

We take pride in the number and diversity of our clients, who support the program and provide challenging projects for our students. TEAM would not exist today without the past help of:

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I was very impressed, as were several of my colleagues, with the quality of work provided by our student TEAM. The final report was well prepared, clearly communicated, and showed a thorough understanding of the problem. I hope that the students got as much out of the experience as we did.

Samantha Delbergue 
Environmental Group
Safety & Environmental Dept.
Honda of Canada Mfg. ; 2009



"The Queen's TEAM program has given us the opportunity to investigate some key company issues that we wouldn't otherwise have the time or resources to explore.  The TEAM projects we have been involved with recently have caused us to take a second look at the way we do things and have resulted in some notable improvements to our business execution.  Our intention is to utilize these highly motivated students to investigate high profile issues for the foreseeable future."

Chris Sandink, P. Eng.
Six Sigma Team
Bantrel ; 2008



"I am very pleased we had the opportunity to work with the students from Queens University. The students enthusiastically devoted the time and effort necessary to be responsive to our business needs and to deliver on the project. At the conclusion of the project, we received a professionally prepared report and a professional presentation on the results that was given to members of the project team and management. The Queens TEAM program does a excellent job providing a multidisciplinary approach to a problem and the ideas and suggestions from the students should not be taken lightly."

Keith Silverman, PhD, MPH 
Director, Risk Assessment 
Merck & Co., Inc., Global Safety & the Environment; 2008


Ontario Power Generation

"OPG's experience in working with the TEAM program has been extremely positive. TEAM members bring an energetic, focused andmulti-disciplinary perspective to problem solving - and develop solutions that are practical and readily applicable to the dealing with tasks they were assigned. The TEAM approach has provided excellent value for the time and money invested by OPG."

Murray Paterson 
Ontario Power Generation
Project Manager 
Hydroelectric Development, 2008



"KMW has designed and built biomass energy systems in Canada for the past 26 years. Greenhouses, with a high demand for thermal energy, often look to biomass energy systems as an alternative to increasingly expensive fossil fuels. Greenhouses also have a demand for CO2, which is usually met through the combustion of natural gas or propane.

We (KMW) hope to enhance our systems with the ability to extract the required CO2 from the flue gas stream of our biomass system. This would increase our system's overall efficiency and further increase its benefit for greenhouse operators by displacing the fossil fuels that are currently used for CO2 production. We asked the TEAM group to examine all possible technology that would allow us to extract CO2, including the economic feasibility of all alternatives. The work of the group was thorough with each possibility examined. They reached a conclusion that there is a technology that could be added to our systems that would allow us to meet our objectives."

Brad Reddick 
KMW Energy, 2006



"We were deeply impressed with the quality of the Queen's Team's work and the enthusiasm they showed in tackling this project. It has stimulated some exciting thinking here about how we might take this innovative idea forward. As a result we have brought in some expert advisors who have been involved in geothermal energy projects around the world, to explore this further."

Jason Switzer 
Engineer, Greenhouse Gas and Energy, Oil Sands 
Shell Canada Limited, Calgary, Alberta, 2006 

"The students working on this project were keen, technically very capable and very well prepared,"

Ronnie Sadorra, Advisor
Shell Canada Limited, Calgary, Alberta, 2005


"We appreciated the assistance provided by the students through the TEAM program. The Queen's students completed a thorough and professional evaluation of Inlet Cooling of the gas turbine at our facility. We would like to thank all participants for their effort to move forward with this significant site improvement project. It is being implemented and we believe it has provided mutual benefits we were able to hear new engineering ideas (which were utilized) and the students gained some real-world experience which undoubtedly will serve them well in their future chosen careers."

S. Collings, Team Leader, 
AES Kingston ULC, June 2002.

NOVA Chemicals

"I would like to thank you and the project team for again delivering valuable results to Nova Chemicals. We continue to be impressed by the quality of work we receive from the TEAM groups. This project will provide immediate benefits for Nova Chemicals. We also plan to spend considerable additional time commissioning the work that was started with this project. Again, I would like to thank you for providing us the opportunity to benefit from participating in the TEAM program. We believe that this program is valuable to both the students and us and look forward to continuing participation next year."

T. Laird, Team Leader, 
Control and Optimization
Nova Chemicals, May 2002.

Queen's PPS

Queen's University - Physical Plant Services

The following link will take you to several TEAM project reports prepared in previous years. 
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