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CO2 Utilization through Algae Production - Ontario East Wood Centre & Eco-Industrial Park - May 2015
> This report is a feasibility study performed by the TEAM students to assess the economic viability of utilizing algae to sequester the direct carbon dioxide (CO2) emitted from ethanol facilities.

The Use of Natural Gas Vehicles for Perpetual Energy - released with permission from Perpetual Energy - May 2011
> This presentation summarizes the recommendations that TEAM students prepared for converting the Perpetual Energy vehicle fleet to natural gas fuel.

The Control of Major Hazards In Canada - Canadian Chemical Producers Association - released June 2009
> This report reviews how Process Safety Management has been implemented around the world and makes recommendations for its implementation in Canada.

Biodiesel Report - prepared for Imperial Oil Canada Ltd. - released with permission from Imperial Oil, 2007
> The opinions expressed are those of students and faculty at Queen's University, and are not necessarily those of Imperial Oil Ltd.

 Ontario Power Generation - Nuclear Division - Energy Storage for the 1.8 MW Pickering Wind Turbine - Executive summary released with permission of OPG, 2007
> Executive Summary


Queen's University - Physical Plant Services Reports:

> Feasibility Study for Green Roof Application on Queen's University Campus
> Wind Power Preliminary Report
> Vent Mizer Analysis