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How TEAM Works

When you join the TEAM, we assess your needs and evaluate the challenges associated with your project. A 3 to 5 member cross-functional consulting team (arts, science, engineering, law, commerce and business students) are assigned to address the various facets of your company's initiative. A fee of $6000 is charged (note 1) to participating clients in order to cover ordinary student travel, research and/or prototyping costs. If travel by air or extraordinary costs are required (i.e. travel to Alberta) you are asked to cover those costs. TEAM provides a Web based teleconference centre to effectively service remote clients.

In the past, some projects have involved significant travel and the participating company has paid some of these expenses. Likewise, projects can be adjusted to meet a company's resources. While getting the students out to the clients' place of business is an important educational component of the course that we strongly encourage, TEAM is NOT a co-op. The number of on-site visits and interaction required is completely up to the clients.


A Letter of Proposal is submitted to the company in November before the project starts. This letter contains the principles guiding the project: the key deliverables discussed at the initial meeting or plant tour, a confidentiality clause, a waiver of liability, and the administrative arrangements for the project. Acceptance of this proposal and the subsequent payment of the project fee establish the agreement on the part of both parties.


Queen's University stresses the strict observance of all confidentiality rules in accordance with the highest standards applied by the consulting and legal professions. Accordingly, IP, all reports and working documents will remain the property of the sponsoring company. 

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Client contacts TEAM regarding project

Contacting occurs April thru August

Project descriptions must be available to students by early September, but due to student course selection, preferably mid July. Student sign up for the course can rely on project descriptions being available early.

Client has employee(s) who would like to act as mentors

Mentors must be available by October

Students bid for projects in which they would like to participate


Project TEAMs are organized, site visits arranged and the processing of any necessary documents

October thru November

Preliminary meetings for student TEAMs

Prior to mid-November

Bulk of project work done

During winter term (January to April)

Final report and presentation to company representative by student TEAM

Late March or early April at company's location