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TEAM Course

Technology, Engineering and Management (TEAM) is a multidisciplinary project course, which places Engineering, Law, Commerce and Science Students from Queen's University on industrial consulting projects.

TEAM offers our clients a unique opportunity to gain valuable business insights for a modest investment. TEAM brings together the talents and enthusiasms of Canada's future science, engineering and business leaders to address your organization's challenges.

The Technology, Engineering and Management (TEAM) program is a faculty project course open to students of all disciplines.

Formerly known as the Technology Innovation Program (TIP), this program has been running successfully since 1995.

In support of this initiative to develop links between industry and the University, OCE (Ontario Centres of Excellence, through their Connections Program) has supported TEAM for several years.

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Student Testimonials:

TEAM As Seen Through the Eyes of a Commerce Student:

This is the only course where I get to work with people from such different academic backgrounds for such an extended period of time. Not only have I made really good friends, I have expanded my network in a unique, meaningful way.

Tim Xu, COMM 2009 

TEAM As Seen Through the Eyes of a Law Student:

"TEAM was an exhilirating opportunity! Being a law student, it took me out of my comfort-zone and introduced me to students from a variety of disciplines, as well as expanded my knowledge of new areas such as marketing and chemical degradation processes. All while developing my ability to effectively work on a team of varying personalities and learning styles. The course was a demanding, intensive program that has helped prepare me for graduate studies in Law. TEAM demanded dedication, creative thinking, and extensive time-management... and I loved every minute of it. The experience was invaluable."

Vickie Iacobellis - Law 08 - TEAM 07/08

TEAM As Seen Through the Eyes of an Engineering Student:

"Through my university career I always thought that engineering was about formulas and theorems in a text book. This year through TEAM, however, I've learned that engineering isn't as simple as Young's Modulus or the Ideal Gas Law. TEAM has given me the opportunity to work in industry and develop solutions to real life problems. I've learned that real life is very different from what is taught in text books. In real life there are no black and white answers, formula sheets or solution manuals. The TEAM program has taught me to interact and flourish in a corporate environment. My group and I, very early on, learned the importance of effective communication and meeting deadlines. We have acquired time management skills and been able to see, first hand, the fruitful benefits of hard work and dedication.

TEAM is a program that links the classroom and industry. It teaches invaluable skills that theory and textbooks often fail to address. I am certain that next year, as I journey into the corporate world, the TEAM program will not only have prepared me, but it will definitely contribute to my success."

Ameel Somani, Sci'06

More Information:

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"Overall I would say TEAM was a great course and my favourite moment was in the board-room on the top floor of the Trans Canada Building in Calgary defending our proposal and findings to two experts in the area in which we were advising the client."

"TEAM was the most exciting course I have taken at Queen's. I was interested in investment banking and have been leaning more towards Economics. TEAM renewed my interest in ChemEng, and has renewed my interest in engineering."

"Our project had a major crisis where the initial scope was demolished from our client's budget cuts. So we brainstormed with them and came up with a huge list of projects that we were afraid to tackle. So we established a criteria of selection and narrowed our scope to a size that we could handle and still provide our client with some value. Then we were able to go to work with confidence that it would have an end!"

"It was quite a TEAM bonding experience when we decided to wake up at 3:45 am, when it was -20 outside, to arrive at AES Kingston so we could participate in the start-up process."